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At some point, it intrigued me how students would meet outside their halls of residents almost the whole day making fun and laughing. At first, I was tempted to think that they were disoriented and had nothing to do in particular. “Did they join college to waste their precious time?” I would ask myself. I had never had a thought of joining such sitting until one day I understood that it was a place where students grew academically, emotionally, and mentally. From that day, I have learned to appreciate my academic performance. More so, I have gained the courage to talk in public. Students who meet to share stories perform better in class and are better public speakers compared to their counterparts.

When students meet to share such stories, it enhances their personal growth. The students see the appeal presented by the authentic stories narrated at those sitting as a return to their entertainment (Eschhlz, Alfred &Victoria 45). This is the place where students find joy in communicating and sharing stories with each other. Sharing stories makes them more directed in their own heroism. For instance, shared stories make me comprehend the wherewithal other students have mastered to enable them to speak in public. In addition, the stories make me more connected to other students.

The shared stories help me to expand my capacity for thinking that opens up new ideas, which develop in an individual. Compared to students who do not share or open up in such sitting, I perform better in academic work. I do not have much pressure compiled on me. Much stress is relieved when one laughs and shares stories. I have, therefore, learned the benefits of sharing stories. All students should involve themselves in sharing stories for them to improve their capacity to think and analyze issues. Furthermore, they will exhibit improved public speaking skills.

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