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Bright Lights & Big City

Jay McInerney is the master of human life depiction. In his works, he renders the troubles and problems of ordinary people, and forces the audience to understand the life gist. One of his brightest works is the novel Bright Lights, Big City, which depicts the story of the magazine checker who experiences personal problems. The charm of this work lies in its trustworthiness. I was impressed by his novel and liked it very much. This work makes the readers experience the pain and desperateness of the main hero as well as forces them to re-evaluate life and look at the world from different perspectives.

This novel is written in an easy and understandable style; it does not include complex images or verb expressions. Its main benefit lies in the simplicity. It is everywhere: in the plot, protagonist, manifestation style, but not in the gist. This is really fascinating, but McInerney manages to show the readers his viewpoint towards the world through his clear representation of the events. The readers become enchanted by this book from its first lines as the author uses the second person in this work, and it turns the reader from an observer of the events into the active participant. In such a way, McInerney provides the chance to slip into the skin of the main character and experience his life troubles.

At first sight, this work discusses very typical and familiar theme, – the theme of disappointment and departure. The main character suffers from great heart pain because his wife leaves him for another man and career of a model. This is an ordinary thing which happens every single day, but the representation of the story makes the audience experience every shade of this awful feeling of loneliness. The reader feels the sense of hopelessness at the moments when the protagonist tries to remind himself of his wife with the help of things surrounding him. This is definitely one of the worst feelings in the world because you cannot do anything to your heart, which continues loving somebody and cannot change the situation. The people who have loved somebody at least once could understand this feeling. I personally knew and experienced it, and the sufferings of this man were understandable for me. The author manages to render his emotions using the mannish manner of behavior, and it fascinates the audience. It provides a chance to look into the male consciousness and understand their mode of behavior.

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This book is useful as it provides a possibility to grasp the psychology of a man. McInerney managed to show the departure not in the typical female way, but through the tough male behavior, which included partying and drugs. However, despite the disastrousness of these things, the readers still feels sympathy towards the main character, as with the course of reading, the audience becomes his close friend who understands him wordlessly. In one moment, there arouses the feeling that the character is a great friend who lives next-door during all your life, and for that reason, you understand his intentions and deeds. Suddenly, he turns from a man seen in the bar, into a good guy, who tries to restore his spiritual emptiness.

This book is one of those works which force you to start thinking after its finishing. It is impossible just to read the last page and close it as you start connecting the events, depicted there, to your personal life. Its charm lies in the fact that it is universal. It describes the theme which is known to every individual of any age.

The reader seems to know the answer to the protagonist’s problem. I had a great wish to write a letter to this man reassuring him that everything would be all right, that his heart wound will heal one day, and that he would be able to love again.  Thus, there is a great desire to support this person because his sufferings are familiar.

The work is definitely good because it makes the audience start thinking about the everyday life, problems, expectations and routine. It reminds the readers of the first love, or just love, and departure. Without any open attempts, the author makes the readers think, remind, evaluate, analyze, and draw conclusions. This is the task of literature, to make people think, and McInerney has masterfully conducted his mission. He expressed the everyday thoughts about work, education, and forced the readers to dream.

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In conclusion, I want to say that Jay McInerney has one quality, which is extremely important for the writer. He and his works are able to intrigue the audience. His novels depict the ordinary stories which happen every single day to millions of people around the globe, and this is where their charm is. Starting from the first lines, the reader becomes fascinated because the feelings, experienced by the protagonist seem to be well-acquainted. In such a way, Jay McInerney is interesting to the audience and makes it continue reading. This was the case of the novel Bright Lights, Big City. It caught the attention and kept it up to the last line. Moreover, the ending of this story promotes further interest. The readers obtain the wish to understand what will happen to the protagonist next.

Therefore, it is a light work, which produces great impact on the audience. The readers compare this work to their personal troubles and start thinking about the actions which they have committed in their lives. This is extremely important, especially in modern times, when people become obsessed with their work, education, political situation in the world, etc. This novel makes the reader distracted from the daily hustle and encourages to devote some minutes to himself or herself.