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Baseball History

Baseball is a game played by two teams of nine players. The game takes place in a giant field that has marks indicating the center from which players run in order to score. Baseball has a long history and millions of fans worldwide. This paper will discuss the history of baseball. It will also focus on fortuitous circumstances that acted as the foundations of baseball resurgence such as recruitment of talented players from the Caribbean Basin.

People started playing baseball in the 19th century. Before 1845, the game was played in informal ways with no rules. The initial rules of the game were written in New York for a club called the Knickerbockers in 1845. The activities related to baseball were minimal. Fans did not like the way in which teams and their respective owners operated. For many years, it did not seem like it will ever grow. In 1994, the owners decided to pursue the examples of basketball and football and register numerous teams to participate in the regular baseball season. This was a strategy to attract more fans to the game.

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The resurgence of baseball has been witnessed after 1995. Before then, baseball fans used to strike out against baseball. It was during this time when the owners realized that they were required to do something to aid the sinking baseball ship. Some of the factors that contributed to the resurgence include the campaigns by owners of baseball clubs to introduce public ownership of the clubs and recruit new talented players. There was a vital need to revive baseball.

In 1996 Chicago White Sox owner Reinsdorf signed free agent Albert Belle to a 5-year fifty-five million dollar deal, solving the prior payment disagreements. The owners accepted to share revenue in a modest manner in 1997-2001. The agreement kept in place free agency and salary arbitration, as well as included unprecedented reforms. Payroll tax moderation was also agreed upon where proceeds from clubs with high revenues were to be transferred to clubs with low revenues.

In the post-strike periods, the best technique to predict the success of a team was a club’s payroll and not mere statistics. Baltimore is the only team in the list of the highest paying teams that was unable to make the playoffs between 1995 and 2000. Teams with the lowest seasonal payroll did not ever manage to enter the playoffs. Those that attempted and entered never won any post season game. In the late 1990’s, the gaps in the system of revenue sharing widened and it was expected that disparities in performances were going to widen in the future.

Later it was realized that there was a need to contract fields in many regions in order to help small teams and attract new talents. Moreover, it brought baseball closer to the fans. Thus, more funds were collected and the clubs could pay the players. Owners and government authorities worked hard to build more baseball fields so that no one would be left out of either playing or watching. This way, the game found its way to many people, who would otherwise not have had access to it.

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Baseball is a game that has been woven into the fabric of American life. It has millions of fans who are carried away during games. Latino players do very well in the game. They outdo many non-Latinos. In 1999, they were able to get the top five home runs. The international standards of baseball have been followed in America. Latino players filled the vacuum that existed in America. They managed to challenge their opponents, changing the existing stereotypes. On the other hand, African-American players did not do well in baseball despite their attempts. Those African-Americans who were interested in playing baseball did not have as many fans as their white counterparts. The largest baseball population of fans is represented by white people.

In conclusion, the end of the twentieth century saw extraordinary baseball professionals not only in America, but also around the globe. The Commissioner of baseball is a representative of the owners of baseball clubs. Selig`s leadership aided in the 1944-1945 strike that had disastrous effects on baseball. He played a big role in bringing together stakeholders in order to find solutions to save the game. He also initiated the revenue sharing system that solved the problem related to money. By 2000, baseball became a game loved by many. Millions watched the games in retroparks. It is here where they enjoyed comfort brought by the new technology. This is the time when baseball stopped being solely American and became international.