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14 Thesis Topics for Students Studying Philosophy at University

philosophy ideas for thesis

A thesis paper is one of the most important academic papers that students in universities have to submit. Comparing to a thesis paper, an essay is really a piece of cake and probably the simplest academic paper one could ever dream of. Very often, before starting to write the plan for the thesis paper, students need to come up with a proper topic and its formulation. The topic should be chosen based on the student’s interest and the topicality of the research problem. Besides, it is recommended that the topic is as well interesting to the target audience.

Thesis Topics for Philosophy Thesis

If you experience difficulties in finding a perfect topic for you, look through this list and maybe you will be inspired to write about some of these issues:

  1. Hobbes’ ideas and the regime changes taking place in the modern world.

In this paper, provide a discussion whether the contemporary changes in Libya and Egypt support Hobbes’ argument on the interaction of citizens with the sovereign authority.

  1. Compare Plato’s allegory of the cave and the modern influence of social media.

From Plato’s allegory, slaves who sit in the caves can see only when they look in one direction. In other words, they can see something they are allowed to. Discuss how people nowadays are dependent on social media.

  1. The laws of Plato and their contradiction to Rousseau’s civil religion.

Explore what approach is better for strengthening the position of a legislator.

  1. The current crisis in economy and Kuhn’s paradigm shift.

Research whether the crisis that takes place in the modern economic world in the result of the paradigm shift.

  1. Philosophy and the concept of well-being.

What criteria should determine the well-being of a country: the overall happiness of the citizens or the economic prosperity?

  1. How Malebranche views God.

Critically evaluate the ideas of Malebranche and provide an explanation why his works were prohibited by Catholics.

  1. Locke’s philosophy about the state of nature.

Provide Locke’s ideas concerning his interpretation of people living in the state of nature. What message did he aim to convey?

  1. Analyze the model of perpetual peace on the example of the EU.

To what extend is the EU model complies with Kant’s model.

  1. What is the position of human in the contemporary world?

What role does the concept of human means today, especially when considering the latest technological and scientific advancements and the discoveries that came along?

  1. Realistic physics and its interrelation with simulation games.

How could simulation games be modified to become even more real-life without being too hard for players?

  1. How could immortality be reached?

Is it only mortality that makes us human? Should people strive for immortality?

  1. Are form and function interrelated?

Is it possible to oppose the dogma when form always follows function?

  1. Ethical aspects of cloning.

What is the controversy behind cloning? Why is it not always applicable from the ethical viewpoint?

  1. Examine various positions on the notion of justice.

Can justice be true? Or is it doomed to be always subjective?

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