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Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with Yourself

How to Find a Balance in Your Life

Being a graduate student is not easy because it requires a person to keep a balance between different spheres of life which require our attention. Unbalanced life can lead not only to personal problems but it can also turn into a serious obstacle to academic success. Other consequences of unbalanced life include problems with relationships, depression and other mental health problems, general fatigue etc. When we face problems in our lives, we tend to blame external circumstances, but it’s just the way that our ego is used to protect itself. Instead of blaming circumstances we should look inside ourselves and try to find the reasons for our problems there. If you can control your mood and your frame of mind than you will be able to control your life. Otherwise, you will always be dependent on external circumstances.

Balance Your Life as a Graduate Student with Easy Tips:

  1. Don’t reject the help of others. There are a lot of resources that can support graduate students, but unfortunately, some students don’t want to get any assistance, because they think that accepting help is a sign of weakness. In fact, inability to accept help is the real weakness. If your sense of pride and supremacy blocks you from accepting help, you should perform some internal work to remove this counter-productive idea from your mind. There are times in the life of every person when we need help and it is stupid to reject this help, just because of your ego. Being able to accept help is a sign of maturity and a necessary element of having a healthy relationship with oneself.
  2. Slow down. If you work 15 hours a day, 7 days a week you are bound to become angry, irritated and tired. You should learn how to slow down before you haven’t exhausted yourself. Try yoga or meditation, which are natural remedies against whips of modern society such as constant stress and anxiety syndrome. Of course, as a graduate student, you should work a lot to accomplish all your academic goals, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t rest. In fact, if you won’t rest, the time that you spend on studies will increase because the more tired you are the less productive you get. It means that you’re spending 5 hours on a task that would take you 2 hours in a productive state. So, it is better to spend 3 hours on work and two hours on rest. Be very attentive to how you feel to regulate your condition and the amount of time you spend on recreation.
  3. Don’t always focus on your academic work. In many cases, the life of the graduate student consists of eating, sleeping, drinking and studying. Even if you add enough rest, just like we have recommended in the previous point, you should also add some activities that you enjoy. I’m not talking about joining a band, but you can volunteer or read a book just to take your mind off studying for a while.

Everyone deserves their own love and appreciation, so follow these tips to strengthen your relationship with yourself.

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