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The Crash

People often catch themselves thinking that they get on 2 different people, good and evil ones. The life is so unpredictable that it is not 100% obvious how to lead in this or that situation. People are often wishful thinking or, on the contrary, want to find the bad in places where they are absent. Many factors affect human behavior, and the most important and frequent of them are shown in a film The Crash directed by Paul Haggis.

The movie takes place in Los Angeles, the most “police” and “unsafe” city in American cinematograph. Thus, if the action takes place in LA, it means that there are car chases and shootouts of “white” cops and “black” gangsters. However, this movie shows one day from the Los Angeles ordinary life. There are a few stories in a film that seem to be unrelated, but at the same time, they are very connected. If the act of two people, pretty bad one, seems to be “no matter”, then either one just started watching a movie, or he/she did not get a point. All threads are leading to “no role” actions. The heroes of the movie do not expect that will happen tomorrow.

The film is a vivid example of peoples’ lives, the real connection of all people between each other in this world no matter how one tried to wriggle out, the contact with the undesirable person cannot be escaped. The picture by Paul Haggis is not simply a movie – it is a vital position, and it is a philosophy of how people spend their lives. For many people, it is not always pleasant and willing to sit down for a tutorial or manual, or anthology, and frequently it is considered as pretty boring pastime. Another thing is the film. Here, the one simply needs a good director, whom in full glory showed himself Paul Haggis, building a movie so that there are no main characters, no single situation that people procrastinate indefinitely. However, the important fact is that those situations, in which different personalities come out of this film, are very reminiscent of us. In addition, these are not comedies, funny moments of the day. If one look at this film from a different angle, it can act as a warning.

There are a few subplots in the film, which sometimes overlap, and in the final film converge at one point. The triumph at the “Oscars” ceremony is not particularly surprising. All seems to be standard and so obvious, but still something unusual is explicitly added by virtuoso director. That seems to be so banal – basic idea lies in the simple as ABC morality “it is not skin color what makes a man a murderer or a thief and we are all equal in the face of all misfortunes,” and this idea is filed the most clearly and convincingly. It is best shown in a scene demonstrating the end of a racist cop, who dislikes color people from birth. He has his own personal reasons, to some extent even justifying his hatred. However, The Crash is not only a picture on the problems of racism since it raises another topic within human callousness and the internal struggle within each of us.

In order to make a conclusion, The Crash is a strong project in almost all respects. Even so banal and simple idea was served fresh as possible. All this is backed up by brilliant acting and directing workshop by magnificent Paul Haggis. There was no powerful impressions left after watching the movie, but what is important there was no bad either. It is a film that makes wander, a film that will always be relevant. The Crash is a movie of contrasts, a movie about life, sometimes brutal, but sometimes supportive.