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Statement of Interest and Intention

I am a painter, currently studying painting and art studio at Stony Brook University. I will graduate from this university next semester, which shows that I have had a long time experience with painting. My work focuses on expressing human emotions through painting. Through painting, I am able to simplify human figures using rich and bright colors to portray complex human feelings. Artists such as Elie Nadelman and Henri Matisse influenced my inspiration to pursue the painting profession. When I first saw Nadelman’s art work, I immediately knew that I would like to emulate his artistic skills. On the other hand, Matisse’s work inspired my participation in art because it moved away from the use of dark and bright colors to bright and expressive colors. Matisse’s work ignored the objects’ original colors. This was interesting to me because his style and approach was different from other artists.

My main professional goal is to improve my painting skills to levels that will influence people’s lives positively. I also want to become a renowned painter, a goal that I can only achieve through advanced learning in the field of painting.

The MFA program at Parsons presents me with the best opportunity for achieving my goals. There are several reasons for applying for this program. First, the program encompasses different fine arts’ subjects under one department such as the performing arts, sculpturing, painting, drawing, and digital media. The presence of these subjects under one department offers me an opportunity to interact with people who have varied perspectives and experiences. Eventually, such contacts will enhance my painting career by providing me with a wider point of view. The second reason why I prefer the MFA program to others is that of the cultural diversity that constitutes the program. People from many nationalities and culture participate in this program. Interacting with these people will enhance my career skills because cultures are a source of knowledge. Therefore, such diverse cultures will equip me with a rich knowledge base. Thirdly, the faculty members who teach the program are members of the New York art community who have held exhibitions and published art related publications worldwide. For this reason, I yearn to benefit from their experience and expertise. The final reason for applying for participation I the program is because of the program’s association with New School University. The relationship puts the program in a unique position when social and political concerns can be addressed through art. Therefore, the program has a contemporary application where societal problems can be expressed and viewed through painting and other forms of art.

My concerns are not only based on how I can benefit from the program, but also on how I contribute to the program. Parson requires people who have dreams of improving the world. I believe that I am that person because I achieve satisfaction by evoking happy feelings from people through painting. My goals clearly match Parsons requirement of a person willing to improve the world. Before I saw Matisse’s work, I did not enjoy my paintings because of the excessive use of dark colors, which seemed to express negative emotions. However, when I saw his work, joy overcame me because I could express positive human feelings as I had always anticipated. Such joy shows that my painting work is inclined to making make the world happy and bright. During the two year program, I plan to dedicate my effort on painting using bright and expressive colors. The program is, therefore, able to help me achieve my professional goals and open opportunities for me to influence the world positively.