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Sports and Us

Nowadays people live in a very busy society being involved in lots of different activities such as job and all the concerns that go along with it, like studies, household duties and others. Such tempo of life may become rather exhausting, and the best way to remove the stress and renew the vitality is to do some sports.

Sports is a general-purpose kind of activity which forms human's outward and inward appearance. It allows not only to be fit and slim, but also brings the sense of inner balance. As for the modern society, sports play an important role in it, though people may not see it clear. Only now it has more inward than just physical meaning. It is obvious that, after an active and intensive training, one feels not only pleasant tiredness but calmness and contentedness as well; that is why exercise helps to avoid stress and tense anxiety. Sports is also the reason why people unite, just remember the ancient Greece where they used to stop the war during the Olympic Games; and these days any competitions have the same meaning, also when it comes to the team sports it teaches us to cooperate, and this has a deep meaning as human is a social being.

Besides, the variety of kinds of sport allows us to choose the one that we love best and enjoy it completely; for me, such kind of sport is tennis. At first, it may seem quite easy for an amateur to hit the tennis ball with a racket, but, in fact, tennis requires both physical and mental powers of a player because one must not only be able to counter a strike, but also to count and predict the move of the rival. That is why it is a perfect chance to train both your body and mind.