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Reflection Essay

I am glad to have this class before I finish my program. It was intense for me, but I have learned useful and interesting information. For this class, I choose a research project. I preferred to try something new to me. I have not done a research project before. However, the portfolio project is important since I need to find a job after I finish my master degree, but I took a class similar to it last semester. In this course, I have learned much valuable information such as action research, research methods and different methods of formatting a paper. The other important thing that I have covered in this program is taking the CITI training. This lesson expanded my knowledge about testing with human subjects and, I will keep it in my mind when I will be collecting data.

As a result of the proper organization and the fact that the course well detailed, nothing is confusing me. Throughout the course, the professor has explained every module and provided any updates to make us understand each lesson and subject. At the same time, I found my classmates’ comments very helpful during the online dissections. Their comments and contributions have been very useful and supportive, and they have enabled me to understand the course more.

During the ETD 624, I have finished three chapters. The first chapter which is the introduction for the research was not difficult compared with the second chapter, which is a literature review. I have set the format for chapter three, which is a methodology, but still, need to work with it again next semester. This is because my participants will be from Saudi schools, and I need a third party to assist me to collect data from Saudi students. However, I will complete my project next semester. I am excited for that since it will be a new experience.

I am wondering if I submit my project through and not proved for any reason; will I have a chance to fix it and resubmit it again during the winter semester. Please advice.

I hope everything goes well for those who will continue next semester and congratulation for who finished their program.