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Racial Picture

In the beginning of the eighteenth century, western colonialists began to import into their colonies slaves from Africa. The very conditions in which the whole process of slave trade took place performed fundamental inhumanity and violence towards slaves since they were captured at their native lands and exploited in America.

Africans were hunted like beasts and transported to another continent in appalling conditions. Forcibly transported people were shipped in the absence of basic sanitation and medical care, which led to outbreaks of diseases, such as scurvy and smallpox; it led to the fact that majority of slaves died during the way.

Fish Story tells about feelings of a person who is traveling on the ship and taking photos on marine theme. Allan Sekula expresses his feelings about observed conditions and concerns among which marine theme takes place. 
This picture taken by Allan Sekula represents an African American worker who is doing a hard work. This picture reminds period when African Americans were forced to travel as the slaves. However, in modern society, racial discrimination is believed to be eliminated. However, this picture displays an African American doing a hard work without a mask, unlike his white colleagues.  This picture gives a hint that, maybe, modern society performs hypocrisy by avoiding the direct discrimination. However, African Americans are still put into conditions where they have to work in unnaturally hard conditions. Therefore, in +modern society situation and surrounding remind the colonial period of forced shipment.


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