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Philosophical Issues

Social life excludes the process of isolation. It means that every moment, individuals interact and influence each other, in a certain way. Obviously, everyone wants to be treated well and fairly. In fact, the process of human cohabitation possesses plenty of nuances and subtleties. It is very important to take care of words and action in order, not to offend or hurt somebody. Only conscious comprehending and the following can lead to positive consequences and results. Moreover, there are some ways, leading to the achievement of a good life.

Charity is a significant aspect of social life. However, sometimes, people tend to forget their initial purposes. To a certain extent, donations demonstrate the fortune and possibilities of their owner. However, the main aim of the charity is to help and support others, without getting any profits and benefits. In this case, it is appropriate to remain about the Biblical story about charity. According to it, a man, who owns a huge property and gives plenty of money for donations, is worth nothing while few coins, given by a poor woman, are of great value. It means that the aim of the donations consists not in their amounts. I think that donations are a right way toward the improvement of our lives. Honest and fair donations do not only support others but give relief to ourselves. Moreover, if we donate something with the open heart, it will certainly return one day. Thus, we can say that donations help to make our lives good and open-hearted.

The other way to reach a good life consists in the idea of vegetarianism. There are many reasons, supporting this lifestyle, besides its abilities to maintain health at a high level. Firstly, an animal feels a great panic and fair at the moment of death. Respectively, it emits certain substances in the blood, which are negatively charged. Consuming such meat leads to the deterioration of health and well-being. Secondly, in many cases, animals are living in horrible conditions. The rejection of meat will lead to reduced demands on the market, which, in their turn, will result in the protection of thousands of animals. In fact, vegetarianism is an essential part of a good life. It is impossible to live in peace and harmony, realizing the pain of others. Moreover, animals form a part of a global ecosystem. The destroying of one element leads to the total running. Thus, according to the vegetarianism, it is possible to preserve the universal harmony and lead a good life.

Nowadays, the world suffers from different wars, collisions, and other problems. Thousands of people are malnourished, and many do not achieve proper living conditions. However, everyone can try to do something beneficial for the surroundings. The ideology of cosmopolitanism is something that improves and eases lives. In my life, I suppose it is enough to perform some little good deeds, and the world will get improved, immediately. According to the cosmopolitanism, people should develop a tolerant attitude toward others and accept help and support as natural norms. In the modern world, cosmopolitanism is necessary for the protection of human lives and the natural environment. Therefore, by professing those beliefs it is possible to reach happiness in our lives. Taking care of someone is a vital component of a good life.

To sum up, there are many unsolved problems, in the modern world. Only collective and conscious efforts can help to improve the situation and suss out the current difficulties. In any case, it is important to start with the small steps. Little, but concrete deeds are much better than great but unfounded conversations. Therefore, I think that we can own a good life only in case we develop a tolerant attitude toward others and try to change the world, starting from ourselves.