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Citizens United

Democracy is the aspect that allows the majority not only to express but also to implement their choices. It is clearly evident that the majority ought to get a chance to implement their views in person or through their elected or nominated representatives without interference by any person or corporation. This should be the case even if it involves going against large and powerful corporate organizations. The majority should be allowed the time and opportunity to reflect on their preferred presidential candidate before elections. The candidates have a chance to campaign and attempt to woo the voters, but the law restricts any form of campaigns thirty days before a primary or sixty days before a General Elections. Citizens United did wrong to release the movie Clinton: the movie and so was the decision by the Supreme Court to overturn the earlier ruling restricting the release of the movie.

Huge companies tend to overlook the interest of the majority in favor of their own financial or political gains. The plight of the seemingly less powerful majority further faces a daunting task in the court room as the economic strength of the bully corporates further comes to the fore. The government is also a key feature in this situation. The government setups such as the Federal Election Commission seek to protect the interests of the majority. This protection is against the manipulation by larger and manipulative corporations. This is clearly outlined in the ruling Citizen United versus FEC and the documentary, Koch Brothers exposed. Both cases involve large corporations interfering with political campaigns and in extension with the people’s choice, and it is not right.

In the law of the constitution of the United States, Citizens United versus FEC (Federal Election Commission), the Supreme Court reversed a decision by a lower court preventing the air of the movie Clinton: The Movie. This close decision ensured that Citizens United had a chance to air the movie that many deemed political. The opposing side argued with reference to earlier court cases that in allowing the release of the movie, the court allowed Citizen United to politically interfere with the then forthcoming Presidential primaries. However, the Supreme Court, according to the majority, ruled that the First Amendment allowed the corporations free political speech (Hasen, Pg 581). Since the law did not clearly define the outline between the media and any other corporation, the majority argued that the Congress had a chance to suppress the political freedom of speech in various publications such as books and newspapers.

The documentary, Koch Brothers Exposed, by Robert Greenwald involves the two Koch brothers, David and Charles, financing the Americans for Prosperity, a political group (Mayer, Pg 2). The documentaries involve a compilation of the various corrupt activities of the Koch brothers. It also attempts to unearth how Americans can reclaim their democracy that is great importance to the citizens of America.The Koch Brothers suppressed the rights of the voters, sought to re-segregate public schools on the basis of economic or social class and race, made EPA regulation weaker and interfered with Social Security. All these issues tend to make the life of Americans harder and to push people towards the previous dark ages where democracy and rights were a vocabulary to the majority.

In conclusion of the matter, the Citizens United, Koch Brothers and their accomplices such as the right-wing judicial system are wrong and the government should stop them before it is too late to make amends. This is a step backward and should halt as it seeks to undermine the democratic rights of the Americans. America achieved these rights through hard work and on several occasions involved bloodshed. In honor of the people who selflessly fought for these rights and on account of all Americans, all should unite to fight for the preservation of these rights which allow Americans better lifestyle.


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