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The Biggest Environmental Problems We Should Care About

environmental problems of the world

There are a few burning environmental issues, which should be addressed in the nearest future to reduce the environmental footprint and prevent the environmental catastrophes. Not only the scientists but also the countries` governments and ordinary people should become concerned with the problem in order to be able to continue their living in a supportive habitat. If you are one of those people who care about their happy living on the Earth, feel free to learn about the key five environmental problems and the solutions for improving the situation.

Environmental Problems of the World

  1. Climate change and air pollution.

Cause: the ocean waters and atmosphere are overloaded with carbon, which leads to the irreversible changes in climate. Consequently, atmospheric CO2 absorbs radiation, which leads to the increase in the temperature of ocean surface waters, soil, air, etc. To some extent, this process is rather helpful since it allows our planet to avoid getting frozen. However, in the here and now, too much carbon in the atmosphere can lead to the unpredictable consequences. The statistics is impressive: The World Health Organization recently reported that one in nine deaths in 2012 was attributable to the diseases caused by the high concentration of carcinogens in the air.
Solution. The renewable energy should replace the fossil fuels. Also, people should reconsider their attitude to the forests since reforestation can become a particularly useful tool for solving the problem. 

  1. Deforestation.

Cause: Species-rich wild forests are being destroyed by various human activities. People tend to increase the processes of the industrialization but do not consider the possible consequences of their work. Nowadays, about 30 percent of the Earth`s land area is covered by forests, and this number is reducing with every passing year. People should realize that deforestation has the negative impact on climate and biodiversity. 
Solution. Conservation of what is left of the natural resources and increasing its number is the best solution. Certainly, this issue should be addressed on the governmental level.

  1. Soil Degradation.

Cause: Monoculture planting, erosion, overgrazing, overexposure to pollutants are the fundamental reasons for soil degradation. The UN estimates that approximately 12 million hectares of farmland get degraded per year. Solution. Fortunately, there is an enormous number of soil conservation and restoration techniques which should be widely used. These techniques include crop rotation, no-till agriculture, water-retention, and many others. People should acknowledge that the quality of food depends on the soil conditions. 

  1. Overpopulation.

It is hard to believe, but only one hundred years ago, the humanity counted 1, 6 billion people. Nowadays, this number is more impressive and is approximately 7, 5 billion of people. Such growing number of people put all the natural resources under the great pressure. The scientists estimate that the world population will grow until 10 billion of people. 


Overpopulation is closely connected with poverty, hunger, and many other social problems. Women should control their reproduction. To slow down the overpopulation, people should be provided with the access to education and self-development.

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