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End of Agriculture?

Current Environment Problems

The question that pops up more and more in the minds of conscious people is how long Mother Earth will stand such attitude? The fact is that people did an outstanding job at destroying the soil and subsequently our ability to grow and produce healthy food. The scale of the problem is becoming so big that chances are were heading to the end of agriculture.

Although erosion of the soil remains one of the greatest public health and environmental problems that were facing, we don’t hear about it that often. Why? Deborah Koons Garcia who has produced the documentary Symphony of the Soil answers this question:

Most people don’t realize how important the soil is because they don’t see it and have no relationships with it. For this reasons, were so exploitative and abusive as regards the soil. All we are doing is taking and taking, but we aren’t giving anything back. If we will keep doing this, we can easily reach the point where the soil won’t be able to sustain itself anymore. When that happens, well find ourselves questioning how we will feed ourselves.

Further indifference in regards to the topsoil, which plays a quintessential role in the production of food, can lead to such dire consequences as extinction. Civilization has existed for thousands of year, and now it can collapse because the methods that we use for sustaining it have grown old long time ago. If we keep utilizing them along with our closed-minded approach to managing resources and people we will soon find ourselves on the verge of extinction. According to geologist David Montgomery, the fate of modern civilization depends on how we address the problems of accelerated erosion and soil degradation.

Garcia: Experts say that if we continue to have the same attitude to topsoil as we have right now, we may end up without the topsoil in 30 years. Look how were using the most amazing soils in the world mollisols. They’re used to grow corn, and 40% of that corn goes to feed cows and cars. So, were feeding cows and cars instead of feeding people.
Industrial pollution through chemical fertilizers and inorganic substances is what abuses topsoil and accelerates erosion.

Garcia: Things like pesticides and nitrogen fertilizers destroy the soil because it can’t get used to the extreme conditions that these substances are putting the soil into. They’re abnormal.
Although the problem of soil erosion is global, it starts locally with you and me. According to the well-known agronomist, the problem of soil is not political, economic, domestic or international it’s the matter of spiritual decay. It’s the problem of our moral and ethics.

A film by Deborah Garcia has an interesting part where she interviews a soil scientist who recollects lines from the bible where names of Adam and Eve are explained. Adam means red earth and Eve means life. As we remember, the job of Adam and Eve was to dress and keep the Garden of Eden. Our planet with its still fertile soil is our Garden of Eden. We can either dress and keep or be banished from it by our hands. What shall we choose? What shall you choose?

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