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Earth at Risk of Being Hit by an Asteroid

Earth May Be Hit by Meteoroids

According to the astronomers, Earth may be at risk of being hit by meteoroids, which have been discovered recently. This conclusion came from astronomers, who represent the Czech Academy of Sciences and it was delivered after their studies of the Taurid meteoroid stream, which creates a meteor shower with long periods of activity in November and October. Meteors from the meteor shower, also known as shooting stars, usually pose no threat to Earth because they’re vaporized once they enter the planet’s atmosphere. However, Czech astronomers have noticed a branch of the stream from which meteors can cross the Earths atmosphere, because some of the asteroids in the branch have huge diameters up to 300 meters. Fortunately, the trajectory of these asteroids doesn’t include Earth, but the identification of such huge objects suggests that other big cosmic bodies may still remain undiscovered within the stream.

Because of this, the astronomers urge to engage in the active search of more Taurid asteroids in order to make sure that none of these cosmic bodies poses threat to our planet.

Although the team of Czech astronomers points out a very important matter and the prospect of a regional catastrophe or continental damage, in order to validate their suggestions and draw relevant conclusions more observations are needed.It is, however, important to mention that the potential danger that Czech astronomers speak about is

It is, however, important to mention that the potential danger that Czech astronomers speak about is real because they’re experts in their area and they have analyzed 144 Taurid fireballs with the help of European Fireball Network. Based on their observations, the astronomers have concluded that 113 of 144 Taurid fireballs share similar characteristics, which include roughly the same orbit. The astronomers have also analyzed asteroids 2005 UR and 2015 TX24 orbital paths. Remarkably, they have a lot of similarities with Taurid fireballs. Thus, the astronomers have concluded that these big asteroids, which were mentioned above (300 and 200 meters in diameter), are the part of the new branch of the Taurid meteoroid stream. Further analysis of the fireballs suggests that even though these huge asteroids are weak inside, they probably won’t break up when they enter the Earths atmosphere.

Observatories all around the world join forces to watch for the celestial bodies, which can pose threat to Earth. For instance, one of the NASAs important objectives is to assess any risks caused by the potential impact of Earths collision with an object from outer space. Sentry is the collision monitoring system that aims to make regular scans for asteroids and determine how likely they are to hit Earth within the next 100 years. Another goal of this system is to catalog these cosmic bodies.

It’s been several years since NASA introduced the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) to unite all US-based observations connected to near-Earth asteroids. You can read more about the work of the PDCO on the web. The European Union also has similar observation networks in order to prevent Earth from being hit by a cosmic body.

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