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Moving to a new country is an experience that can be described as exhilarating by many. When in a new environment, people tend to feel more alive: they immerse themselves into unfamiliar sounds of new languages, various smells and taste of local cuisine, spectacular views and sights, and a new climate never before experienced. This […]

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Being brought up in the urban areas, I have faced many challenges in life that have made me the person I am today. I am comfortable with everything that happens in my life, because I know it has a purpose. I value education as the key to success, because I know that if you are […]

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I have always admired October for the miracle it performs in pulling out of thin air that extra hour. As a little girl, the excitement of staying up those extra sixty minutes while maintaining the disciplined bedtime hour proved to be as awing a moment as when you could finally predict the pattern of traffic lights that your parents seemed so keenly aware of.

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