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Abstract Dissertation

Like other parts of the study, the academic abstract of your paper is another important part of the project. It is the part that is read by most readers. Among any other part of the entire assignment, the abstract holds that highest readership. Ten times more people read the abstract part compare to the people that really reads that entire paper. Moreover, this estimate exceeds in other cases.

With this, the academic abstract should be written well. Also, it requires to be written in a concise and clear way. It should include the important ideas and information regarding the study. It should be clear during the abstract page what the topic is all about, how the study goes about, what process the study has gone through, and what comes out after the thorough research. These information and details should all be clear during the abstract stage since this will judge the readability of the entire text. Once the readers find all these information in the abstract and finds the study interesting, there is a bigger chance that they will read the entire paper.

Writing the abstract is not an easy task. It requires a lot of consideration before coming up with it. In writing it, the abstract should be like a movie trailer that can sum up the entire text in its truest sense and entice the readers to read the project in its entirety.

The writer should remember that is necessary that the reader be informed on everything about the study during the abstract part. It is in this part the readers, committee members and future researchers, will find the importance and significance of the study. It is also through this part that people will understand what the study is all about. This is also the judging point whether the entire text is readable or not. Additionally, the abstract summarizes that entire paper and can possible meet the interest of the readers. All these and more makes the abstract an important part of the academic paper.

In writing the abstract, the writer should remember that it is just a brief but concise summary of the entire project. Ideally, it is just made up of 1 paragraph containing 100 to 300 words. Also, it can be 3% to 5% of the entire text. The abstract should contain the topic of the study, research questions, methodology, and results and conclusion. Though it is the start of the academic paper, it should not be written before the paper neither it is the introduction of the project. The abstract is entirely different from introduction since it serves as the summary of the paper. Also, it is written after the entire paper is done to really be able to write all the necessary information regarding the project.

Writing the abstract can be confusing and difficult. You might need some help in doing so. There are many help that can be just within your reach. Try to reach out for it and you will be able to right a great academic abstract.