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research paper topics to write about

The research paper is the creative activity of the learner, which is reproduced in research activities to solve theoretical and applied problems in a certain branch of scientific knowledge. Because of this, such work is an important component of the educational process. It should be a completed study, which highlights the main issues of the topic, and all the structural elements of the work must be interrelated.

How to Start a Research Paper

Such paper is not a retelling of the studied material; it must present creative processing on the base of acquaintance with the state of research on a selected topic, independent and literate application of the conceptual and methodological apparatus of science. The main goal of the research paper is the development of thinking and creative abilities of the learner, inculcating to him the skills of independent work related to the search, systematization, and generalization of existing scientific and educational literature. The unity of style of presentation must be observed here.

Choice of the Theme

The most important task of writing a work is to find, discover, and formulate the actual, creative, and potentially rich in new results research paper ideas. The topic should be disclosed in such a way that it approaches in its orientation to a small study and involves the formulation of the problem, the statement of tasks, the argumentation, the analysis of the material, examples, and conclusions. Before approving the topic, it is necessary to learn the initial bibliography and create a preliminary work plan.

Search for Scientific Literature

The selection of literature should be carried out immediately after the approval of the theme of the research paper. If the student does not have data and literary sources on the topic, he or she needs to seek the help of a professor, who will find the main publications on the research topic.

The initial study of literary sources is necessary not only to ascertain the extent to which the content of this publication corresponds to the chosen topic of the research paper. Without it, it is practically impossible to develop a correct idea of the structure, composition, and nature of the problems that will be the subject of consideration and the general direction of the intended study.

It is important to ensure the relevance of the theoretical and practical issues of the chosen topic. For this, recent publications should be used because they reflect current practice, unresolved issues, and existing problems, as well as judgments on the possible ways and methods for improving the current order. Critical comprehension and use of this material in the study of a selected topic is an important element of the research paper, so the publication of recent years should be included in the list of sources of literature used.

The study of sources should be approached seriously: it is necessary to analyze the content, to comprehend the author's position, to give your own assessment and interpretation of the problems raised in them. It is useful to make notes and citations from the text indicating the source, as well as the number of pages cited in order to avoid re-searching the used resource when creating a list of references.

Creation of an Outline

Writing an outline is an important stage of work on any research material. A well-thought-out plan facilitates further work and ensures the success of your endeavors. Any topic can be disclosed in different ways. Therefore, the research paper plan reflects its main directions. The work plan should reflect the main idea of the work and reveal its content and character. It should highlight the most pressing issues of the topic.

Rules of Writing a Research Paper

Before proceeding to the writing of the text, it is necessary to consider the logic of the exposition and the system of arguments for proving the main idea. This stage ends with the formulation of the main theses. It is necessary to remember some important points. The narrative should be conducted independently and testify. The author must understand the essence of the issues under consideration, have a justified point of view, and be able to present it in a way that is understandable to others. It does not exclude the possibility of quoting; each quotation should be formatted properly. Footnotes and references to various sources should be formalized in accordance with the existing rules.

Interesting Research Paper Topics

Here is a list of good research paper topic ideas.


  • Psychology as a natural and humanitarian discipline.
  • Phenomena of consciousness as a subject of investigation.
  • Specificity and features of the subject and tasks of the psychology of behavior.
  • Nature and qualitative features of the human psyche.


  • Management systems research
  • Macroeconomics
  • Marketing
  • Personnel Management
  • Development of management decisions

State and Municipal Administration

  • The system of state and municipal management
  • Research of socio-economic and political processes
  • State regulation of the economy


  • Investigation of the functional state of mesenchymal stem cells of adipose tissue in interaction with carriers based on biocompatible polymers
  • The system of cultivation of nerve cells on a microelectrode array

Information Technology

  • Automation of MS Office applications using VBA. Development of a system for distributing assignments of tests for the conduct of current student attestations.
  • Calculation of supermarket expenses for the support of the discount system.
  • Development of the automated workplace of the service center administrator.
  • Development of a system for the registration of goods in the warehouse of a grocery store.