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Tips for PhD thesis writing process

Thesis writing is not an easy task. There are so many things to consider and pay attention to. First of all, you should calculate the time to avoid delay. Then, choose reliable data. As soon as all necessary information is found and read, you should plan your further actions to complete appropriate thesis writing in professional and logical manner.

PhD Thesis Writing Guide

However, do not be nervous. You are not the one, who should complete such kind of a task. Many students do this and you will cope with it too. Moreover, the information below will answer your questions.

Step 1: Topics List

The first thing you should do is to determine the title of your thesis. To make the task easier we recommend you to divide your subject into subdivisions. You even can create some kind of diagram or chart. Then choose the most interesting sections for you and try to figure out some topics for them. Choose a nice and comfortable place to brainstorm and write down all your ideas. It is also good to reread this list the next day, as it will help you to distinguish better and worse ideas. Besides, some fresh and good ones can unexpectedly come to your mind too.

Step 2: Literature Review Section

As soon as the topic is chosen you can select scientific well-grounded articles and researches to build your paper on. Writing a literature review section should follow next. Here you should objectively analyze weak and strong points of each represented writing pieces. Do not critique or commend them. Just say what would be useful for your topic from these researches and mention their major findings and discussions.

Step 3: Data for Your Research

The next task to complete is to organize your own research on the topic. Think carefully about its type. Will it be based only on the materials from other sources or would you like to create your own investigation based on questionnaires or laboratory experiments? It is high time to start when the decision is made.

Step 4: Outline Writing

When you have a vision of your future thesis, it is reasonable to create an outline to avoid unnecessary writing. Remember, that introduction and conclusion are pieces, which should be completed at the end. Moreover, try to calculate approximate word account for each part of your thesis, as there should not be too long or too short sections.

Step 5: Gather Everything Together

Start gathering your body first. Write the parts you are missing and insert literature review and research section in your thesis writing document. Then write an introduction and continue with the conclusion. Reference page can be formatted whenever you want even at once after literature review writing. Remember to reread and proofread your paper in a day or two.

PhD thesis writing sounds more seriously than other academic writing assignments but does not differ much. Patience, time and diligence will help you to finish it in time. Stay calm and enjoy the process!