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MSc Dissertation – What It Should Contain

MSc dissertation, which really relates to Master of Science, or a master’s degree in science, is a dissertation that would not only need skills, technical knowledge and an enormous amount of patience, as these are required to create a remarkable success out of this MSc dissertation.

This article will be imparting a brief yet complete ‘what-it-should-look-like’ MSc dissertation.

Your MSc dissertation should have the following parts that will be noted in this article. Each part will be given a short description so you would have a more straightforward approach to what your MSc dissertation should have and illustrate. By using your own skill and technique, you should enhance what you will be putting in for each part of the dissertation.

Beginning with the personal information of the writer, which will encompass all relevant information would be found in the introduction of your dissertation.

Guidelines will come next that would begin with the objectives of your dissertation.

Herein, objectives will be provided and goals will be precisely drawn up. Accurate and specific key points your investigation would recommend will be found in this part of your dissertation.

Possible sample phrases that could be used for this part would be “This research intends to understand…”, another sample phrase would use “…to aid in the advancement for…”, “…being acquainted with the significant issues…”

The proposed questions your dissertation aims to answer would come next. Three to four evocative questions need to be raised to which a solution would be found and resolved in the dissertation material. A solution to the questions will not be directly answered but through the methodology which would come next in the following chapters would do the solving by use of methodology means.

Sample questions could include “What interpretation will the dissertation come up with the results shown…”, “How will this (topic) help…”

Literature review that would include the references would come next after the proposed questions. The APA method would then be a good way to present your referencing. APA style, by definition, means American Psychological Association, and this is the generally accepted style of documentation which specifies the names and order of formatting, heading and organization of citation and references. This is also known as the Harvard style of documentation. This part of your dissertation should only have a maximum of a thousand words, including a minimum of fifteen published academic articles.

Methodology, overview, discussion which will include an analysis, management and planning would be the next chapters of your dissertation.

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