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how to be a reliable friend

Have you ever wondered which of these options is better: to wear your heart on a sleeve or to bottle up your emotions? The reason for the frequency with which this question arises in our minds is simple – insincere friendship has damaged our self-esteem and we are afraid to trust the people around us. The following so-called keys will come in handy while fighting the fears inside you and spreading the channel of communication with your peers.

  1. Like any other relationship, friendship requires close cooperation. It means that two people should work on the relationships and both of them should understand that they depend on each other. If the person does not want to perform his role in this relationship, he cannot be called a good friend.
  2. Honesty is the key to understanding. It does not mean that you need to point out all the shortcomings and weaknesses of your friend. Nobody likes being excessively criticized, but you have to be honest when your friend wants to hear it from you. Moreover, if you cannot meet your friend today, just inform him about that, and if he is your real friend, he will understand everything.
  3. If, for some reason, you have offended your friend and feel guilty, do not hesitate to ask him for forgiveness. Indeed, the ability to forgive is the quality of a kind-hearted person, and if you have such a friend, you are lucky!
  4. Be responsible. If you promise to do something or help your friend, you have to do everything possible to fulfill your promise. Remember that this person is always ready to come to your aid whatever has happened and you have no right to disappoint him. 
  5. Do not just be a friend in social networks. Undoubtedly, a social network is the perfect place to chat, arrange a meeting, or share funny content. However, you need to remember that nothing can substitute an honest conversation or entertaining trip. Live communication is the inevitable part of any friendship.
  6. Do not manipulate your friends. Always remember that your friend is a unique personality with his personal ideas, beliefs, and interests. It is great if you are looking in the same direction, but do not make him do everything you want to do.
  7. Try to understand your friend. As well as in any other relationships, it is sometimes quite difficult to come to a mutual understanding with your friend, especially when both of you are self-sufficient personalities. However, in this case, it is very important to learn how to listen and understand the point of view of another person. The lack of understanding is a ruining power, which can break down any relationship. 
  8. Sometimes, silence is better than thousands of words. If you see that your friend is in a bad mood, do not bother him with the unnecessary questions. He will share everything with you whenever it is necessary. Remember that the real friends can support each other without saying a word.

All in all, you need to understand one simple truth: if you want to have a reliable friend, you have to be a companion as well. A real friendship should pass through various examinations. You need to understand that sometimes, keeping friendship through the years is a challenging task to do, but we assure you that the feeling that you have a soul mate is priceless.