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Dissertation Methodology Section

There are different parts of the dissertation that you should deal with. Each part will demand different time and effort from you for each of them has different roles to the contribution of a well-written dissertation.

What is considered as the most important part where a lot of things happen is the methodology section of the paper. This is where you, as the writer, will get to narrate how you tackled the whole research and investigative parts. This is also a good evaluative part which can tell the reader if you did all the research right. The methodology section consists of the method you used in proceeding with your research, how you applied this method, and how you gather the data, how you analyzed them, and what are the results in figures and in fact form. If something is wrong with your methodology then, there must also be something wrong with the whole paper. To ensure that everything is perfect, you have to tackle the methodology section by following this lead.

Narrate the broad aspect of the method that you opt to use and eventually, narrow down to the exact steps that you have taken. This will be a systematic opening for your methodology. This will also give the reader a sort of a briefing to prepare him for what he will be reading next. This is also the part where you can get other readers to proceed with reading your whole paper.

Since the methodology section is where you will spill out what you did while you were on the field or in the laboratory or anywhere else you chose to conduct your research, it is ideal to use verbs in simple past form. This is quite logical because you have already completed the tasks that you would narrate in the section. But you can also opt to use the present perfect form and the simple present form. However, when there are no specifications as to the verb form to be used, the default would be the simple past form of verbs. Be careful though in identifying the facts for they will always be in their simple present form.

Since the methodology section is all about your method and how you applied it, it is ideal to make use of the passive voice to put the limelight on the certain actions being done. But you still have to make sure that your professor approves of you using the passive voice, for he also has the right to command you to use the active voice instead.

The section should not fail to have these topics included in its content:

  1. summary of the paper as the opening;
  2. method chosen;
  3. subjects of the investigation and research;
  4. physical tools and materials used; motivational factors needed;
  5. statistical techniques applied;
  6. software aids; time spent for research;
  7. number of sample population and what they are;
  8. sampling technique used;
  9. field investigative methods used, like survey or open-ended interviews;
  10. and list of sources.

The method you used, the breakdown of the steps that you took, and the accompanying result with every round of experiment that you did should be elaborately told in the methodology section. This will also help the next batch of researchers and dissertation writers on how they can proceed with the research in the same area.