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Writing Your Dissertation

Before any research or academic paper can commence, most professors or instructors would require a research proposal or intent to divulge further on the topic being suggested. Most students consider this phase of the writing process to be as difficult as writing the body of the paper itself, because most students do not know where to begin, or which topic from an array of options should they write about.

Research begins from the conception of academic writing. Extensive research must be done in scouting for the most relevant topic which will also impart substance to your academic project. Read along to know more on how to land that topic which will turn your thesis or dissertation into a brilliant one.

Browse from the Past

Scan for the most recent academic papers from recent graduates. Then check for each thesis’ or dissertation’s recommendations. This section of each academic research is devoted to providing suggestions for future follow-ups, as is the case for scientific researches, or for future writings which will focus on topics which are strongly related to the original work’s subject. Scanning for previous works will also give you a good idea on topics that have already been written about or what subject areas can be improved from the previous work, which will now be the focus of your thesis or dissertation.

Experts Know Best

They are not called experts if they do not provide authority over the subject matter that they teach. Their opinions should not be taken lightly and should count for something. Seeking their advice about what relevant and substantial topics you should write about would be greatly helpful in narrowing down your choices. Your professor or advisor can provide you an idea about which topics are relevant with today’s current affairs, or which can shed light to other areas of learning that can be useful for future references, or any topic that is interestingly enough to be discussed on an extensive academic writing like a thesis or dissertation.

Be Involved and Learn a lot

Be involved in small talks or focus group discussions to have an idea on the topic that you are planning to write about. Interact with other students or while writing your paper, work in tandem or in groups, because it is through these interactions and exchange of ideas where free flowing information arises.

Picking a theme to which your thesis or dissertation will be focused on is certainly a stressful and tiresome task. Extensive research, consultations, or proposals must be done to arrive at that perfect theme. The key is to write about something which is not only relevant to the status quo and will provide substantial information for future references, but also one which sparks your interest and hopefully, will also spark the interest of your reader which is probably the academe of your university.