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How to Write an Ivy Dissertation

Being enrolled in one of the Ivy League universities is such a great honor. By being a student in one of these universities, you are given countless of chances to improve your future and to be one step above others. It is expected that you are very intelligent competent and skillful as a member of Ivy League. Proving them of your worth may be too heavy a burden. To be blunt, there is a whole lot of gap in making a dissertation compared to other universities that is not a member of Ivy League. As an Ivy League member, expectations and standards set upon your paper are high and requires a thorough and much detailed study.

How does an Ivy dissertation really vary from other dissertations made by other universities? One is the use of various sources for your study. The use of materials in archives and libraries are very much encouraged. Using online sources is a no-no. Since writing this particular dissertation needs critical thinking, you need dependable and valid references. They are very strict in terms of the dates when your documents you are using were issued. Usually, documents dated ten years earlier are not used already, but it really depends in some circumstances. In this case, better ask your advisor.

The readers of an Ivy dissertation fully anticipate that your paper is interesting and there will never be a dry moment on the actual presentation. Every data that you interpret and set as an example should have corresponding remarks and discussions since these are the highlights of your paper. There are never too many drafts in an Ivy dissertation. It is presumed that your paper is perfect – without mistakes and faults. You will receive substantial comments and criticisms coming from friends and advisors so it is not possible to have just a single or couple of drafts. It can also hep you if you will read how to prepare for a University of Maryland and Columbia University dissertations.

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