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How toWrite a Research Proposal

Almost all household have either a desktop computer, or a notebook, or both. We are now in the age of information technology. IT students have many things to study and to explore. Networking, computing, availability of information on websites, and man-machine interface- they all fall under the department of information technology. What you need is a good sample of IT research proposal so that you will be guided in your task appropriately. This is also deemed to be passed online. An IT research proposal is good if it focuses on a subject matter which you can give a worthwhile resolution. It would be better to decide on a popular topic that everyone has felt and expressed great concern.

A sample would be is the internet connection speed. All of us have been complaining about the inconvenience of an internet connection speed that is slow. This gives us not only a problem in uploading and downloading a file, but also in browsing the web and in communicating on message systems. Different internet service providers boasts of how their speed is a great deal better than others, but there are still many factors to be taken care of. It is really infuriating when the internet connection is slow especially on the times that you have important things to do. Luckily, problems with internet connection are given a solution with wireless internet connection. Hot issues like this will make your IT research proposal gain approval. It is great to create a unique and superb solution to a problem. But in a dissertation, it is alright just to make a sound and steady rationalization on your thesis statement. Leaving something behind for future researchers to study and explore on.

The first thing that the readers will come across in your research proposal is the introduction. This is the starting and crucial point of your entire research proposal and it has to make a great impact to the readers. Because the first opinion of the reader will likely stick to their minds until the very end, you need to be attentive in writing it. Browse and read other good IT research proposal sample for reference. Describe your purpose and goal in your proposal in a colorful, vivid, yet brief manner. State all your plans, including the means on how you will accomplish your task in a specific time. Your introduction also comprises of your statement, and your aim must be directly in line with it. The statement is the most significant account in your entire proposal.

The review of related literature must clearly support and provide helpful ideas in your study. The source of it must be reliable and credible. The methodology should help you get things done, and guide you throughout your study. This part allows you to have a step by step process, so that you can proceed in an orderly and organized manner. This is the framework of your study which will help you proceed with your study in a straight path.