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How to Make a Geographic Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is pretty much the same with all the dissertations in terms of the general style and format. What sets a dissertation apart from others is the particular field of study. Dissertation writing is really tough and never too easy. One of the difficult field is the field of geography. This field requires much longer process because it needs to have different data treatment, so every minute and time is valuable. You should start your paper as soon as you receive approval to begin your dissertation. Geography is a broad and fascinating topic. You can select from various topics under the categories: global warming, earthquake, or hurricane. There are many occurrences which resulted from these phenomena that might interest you. For instance, studying implications of where earthquakes are usually felt on the lives of the people. What you need to do after choosing a topic and title is to gather information.

In this case, you can get accurate data from pictures, maps, figures, graphs, and statistics. The data that you get must be accurate to make sure of the validity of your study. To achieve this, before gathering data from any source, check first the integrity of the published information by looking into the reputation of the firm that issued it. Using sources from the library may be tricky. There are a lot of piles of books in there and knowledge on how to look for a good book is vital. The key is to go to the geographic section of library. All those books about geography do not necessarily mean that they all can help in your study. It is very helpful if you know the author and title of the book and if you don’t, it would be too tiresome to check out one book after another.

Consider yourself lucky if you are able to find a good and useful one. Through the use of internet, you can say that the information is at your fingertips. But mind you, this does not guarantee that you can gather data apposite to your study. Good thing that search engine optimization is greatly used. Because of this, your search will be made easier. To obtain good results, it is preferable to use reliable websites rather that choosing those that are popular. The knowledge on the use of keywords can also greatly help you sift through information related to your study. The facts that are written in the review of literature should be relevant with your study. They should be able to defend and strengthen your study. The utilization of graphs, maps, and figures is not new at all in a geographic dissertation. The use of these is stated in the methodology.

Always remember that what you are concerned of here are the quantitative data such as numeric facts figures, and not the qualitative data. In making use of a good and satisfactory methodology, researchers in the future may be able to apply your methodology.