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Don't Be Afraid of Dissertation

Dissertation, in itself, sounds intimidating, adding in hearing most graduates, who already have their diplomas, moan and whine about it being the toughest part of their graduate studies, would probably make you want to think twice of actually writing it yourself.

So, clean your mind with all these worries, and continue reading to know what the real facts are when dealing with writing your dissertation.

First thing to worry about is the size of your thesis or dissertation. You would be informed that a dissertation would be from fifty to more than a hundred pages. The figure alone would already make someone intimidated, what more, knowing that you will be doing the writing yourself?
That is not something that should scare you. What is it about numbers, anyway?

So before you begin, divide the task, and what you may need to do first, and what types of research you may need to prepare yourself for. In separating and segregating your task, it would give you the impression that your dissertation is actually not a big bulk of novel that you were given an impression of.

Secondly, this is a new encounter, hence, it is quite difficult to picture out on how to start, and where to start. You may think that you have done a lot of big bulk assignments in the past, from your college years. This is possibly true, but remember you are now in the graduate studies, and dealing with dissertation is quite different.

So how should you go about this new event?
Take time to do a research. Visit your local library and try reading through some academic dissertation documents for you to get a feel on what it should look like and what some topics are about.

Some students in the graduate class would go through, if not all, a perfectionist stage. Wanting to deliver and publish a dissertation that is perfect and flawless, is not a bad thing. What you need to be aware of is keeping your feet on the ground. Becoming a perfectionist in this stage would not only be disadvantageous but it will be time-consuming.

So how should you deal with this problem?

  • Set goals.
  • Make these goals realistic.

Knowing all these facts would make it easier for you to deal with your dissertation at hand. Although, you can always take time to search through the net, if you would not want to subject yourself to all these hassle and aggravation to oneself.