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Dissertation of a PhD student

If you want to get a PhD, you will not be able to do so without a dissertation. This is an ever present requirement that any PhD student would have to accomplish. The PhD dissertation will serve as the culminating application and effort of what you have learned in your PhD study. A dissertation is made to defend the writer’s thesis. In order to win over the panel who will grill the dissertation and the writer, you should be able to provide evidence in defence of your thesis and an analysis resulting from critical thinking. Each part of the dissertation should be perfectly made and perfectly presented, error-free, and relatively linked to the other parts in the paper too. Though it is composed of many separate sections, each has to contribute to the main idea of defending your thesis. When there are loopholes to be seen, then there goes all your effort spent on writing a dissertation that is not good enough.

A dissertation of a PhD student should look like this

The first page of the paper should be occupied by a cover page. This shows the temporarily assigned title of the study, until it is approved by the teacher, the name of the writer, name of the particular department the writer belongs to, name of the head committee with the members’ signatures signifying their endorsement of the paper, and the date of submission.

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The next page should be dedicated to the table of contents. This shows the proper paging of the chapters and those under them; the sections and those under them; the headings and those under them; and the pages where sources are listed. This will help the readers proceed to the right pages and get on with their reading using easy and quick references.

The abstract is basically a summary that gives a peek to the whole content of the dissertation. This should be done interestingly well to excite and pique the curiosity of the reader.

The problem of the paper will be the center of all the research, experiments, and investigation done for the paper. This is expressed in a single statement that will contain the thesis, which is what you will be proving throughout the whole paper. Before you proceed with the preliminaries of the paper, like the picking of a research method to be used, the problem should be in line with your doctorate degree, with your advisor’s preference, and most of all, with the research materials at hand.

The conceptual framework will be the existing theoretical model that is related to the problem that you have stated previously. Thus, this will serve as your guide as to how you would tackle your problem. This will also help you relate the results of your researcg for better analysis and thus, better defence of your thesis. The key terms that are used particularly by the study are defined here using their operational definitions.

The review of related literature contains all the write ups related to the subject of your study. These write ups must also be connected to your thesis.

The methodology section is where the method you used and the steps that you have taken in order to gather data to be analyzed are laid out. The method chosen should be in accordance to the conceptual framework. The resulting analysis should be connected to the thesis too.

The references serve as the section collecting all the research sources and materials used and their owners in order to acknowledge them.